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The Afro-SFI is a project designed to draw attention to the role the fashion industry plays in the pollution of the environment. It forms a network of fashion business operators around the continent. The platform profiles fashion businesses and their owners. 

About Us

The Afro-Sustainable Fashion Initiative was created by Catharina Natang, a Cameroon-based fashion house, as part of a project to reduce the use of plastic-based fabrics in the local fashion industry. Initial funding for the project was provided by the Afri-Plastics Challenge Strand 3. Catharina Natang partnered with Health Research Foundation, Fako Empowerment Centre, KB Empower, Crystal Creationz, Blizz Fusion, Delly’s Fashion, and T-Rose in multi-sectoral collaboration to begin to address the microplastic problem in fashion across sub-Saharan Africa. Afro-SFI rallies fashion enthusiasts (designers, models, fashion trainers, fabric dealers, consumers, etc.) to use their love of fashion as a tool to fight against plastic pollution in the environment including our oceans.

Our Mission

The mission of Afro-SFI is to transform the African fashion industry into true a true advocate and promoter of sustainable fashion

Our Vision

Afro-SFI is a platform that brings together individuals and groups who are keen on combating plastic pollution through the promotion of sustainable fashion, considering that the fashion industry contributes more than 30% of the microplastics in the ocean


Membership is open to individuals, businesses and NGOs that are ready to contribute to the fight against plastics in the fashion industry.

Afro-SFI Members Profile

Meet fashion designers from across the continent; their basic information, fashion designing carrier, work experience, passion, drive, motivation and work portfolio.  

Our Partners

Partner with us and be a part of this Afro-Sustainable Fashion Initiative which promotes sustainable fashion, saves our Environment and Oceans. You can partner as a Fashion Designer, Health Practitioner, NGO, Sponsor  and any other field of interest that will foster the achievements of these initiative


Reducing Plastics in Local Fashion Design: A Training-Empowerment-Promotion Model

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